Chiapas Mission Trip – Day 4

…He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. (Psalm 23:3 ESV)

The children of Casa Hogar Alegre are like us, sheep that have gone astray. It wasn’t their intent, but the people and their circumstances led them away from God. Our goal for the day was to teach them that they are all valuable to Jesus and that he loves them. He is using us and other godly people to infuse grace, joy, and love into their hearts. And by faith, we pray that the Holy Spirit illuminates and engraves this spiritual truth into them so they grow up to be messengers and comforters for other children like them.

Every person needs Jesus to guide him along the path of righteousness. We go astray because we are being deceived and harassed by an enemy who wants to separate us from God. However, we cannot place all the blame on Satan because he is just the tempter and a liar. We are the ones who commit the sins, and some of us actually prefer to live in darkness.

Yet, that does not stop Jesus from going after us and to bring us back into righteous living. As the Good Shepherd, he pursues the lost and the wandering soul with the crook of his staff and the discipline of his rod. He lives up to his reputation of being patient, understanding, and compassionate. He disciplines out of love because he wants us to remain safe in his family and under his care.

We only obtain righteousness through Jesus (Romans 5:17-18). Any attempt to do this on our own is considered inadequate because we have already been stained by sin. That is why the Bible says our personal righteousness is like a dirty rag (Isaiah 64:6). When we follow and abide in Jesus, we make him known by our speech and conduct. We glorify his name when we reflect his character and share the gospel of hope the resides in us.

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