Chiapas Mission Trip – Day 3

He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul…(Psalm 23:2-3 ESV)

Again, Jesus is the One that leads us to still waters where we can rest and calm our souls. Still waters have a soothing effect on us and they remind us of the gentleness of the Holy Spirit. When we take refuge in God, it is because we know that he is our fortress keeping us safe while we are awake and asleep (Psalm 62:5-8). In our days of trouble, he comes to our defenses and then restores us with his power (Nahum 1:7; Isaiah 40:28-31).

Teaching the children to approach Jesus is the first step. The second step is to help them see how he cares for them and helps bring order to their lives. Instructions from his word are the riches and grace we all must learn to embrace because they help us heal and bring joy to our spirits. When Jesus brings us to still waters, he is providing respite for our minds so we can reflect on him and his promises. This way, when we return to face the world, we are refreshed and renewed with his encouragement and perspective. He is our confidence that all will be well with us.

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