The Beloved Golden Retriever

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. (Psalm 94:19 ESV)

There was an elderly man in the hospital whose final wish was to see his beloved golden retriever one last time so he could say a proper good-bye. The healthcare team honored his wish by scheduling a visit, allowing his family to bring in his dog. Upon his arrival, the gentleman was already drifting away. But his eyes opened up when his dog licked his hand. At that moment, he knew his dear friend was there with him, which made his transition from this life much more comforting. I am sure this brought a lot of cheer to this man’s soul, as well as closure.

Acts of compassion and consolation are heavenly gifts from God because they lighten our hearts and ease the pain that comes with grief. Bringing comfort to those affected by the dying process is also an act of love. We can be present, hold a hand in silence, and breathe a prayer as a family mourns their loved on. Watching a life fade away is a solemn moment, but for the saints, it is not a good-bye forever. Rather, it is a “farewell for now” until we meet again in heaven.

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