Go To Where You Are Called

And the LORD said to [Elijah], “Go, return on your way to the wilderness of Damascus. And when you arrive, you shall anoint Hazael to be king over Syria. And Jehu the son of Nimshi you shall anoint to be king over Israel, and Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah you shall anoint to be prophet in your place.” (1 Kings 19:15-16 ESV)

A pastor was asked, “Don’t you ever want to leave Cuba?” He answered, “No. I must stay where I am called. We (he and his wife) have a purpose there.” I was not surprised by his response, but I was deeply moved by his commitment to serve. He shared how he was sick with the coronavirus and prayed to God, “Please heal me. The people still need a shepherd.” I have not yet heard him complain about anything. He is joyful but also speaks truthfully about the dire circumstances that his fellow Cubans face today: no food, no medicine, and an oppressive government. He chooses to live in those conditions because the call of God has placed him there.

Just like the prophet Elijah, he listens to the voice of the LORD and follows his lead. Whatever assignment is laid before him, he sticks with it and follows through. It is obvious that he doesn’t do it for comfort or recognition. Whatever provision that has been given flows from his hand to someone else in need.

I asked him how he hears the voice of God in whatever he does. And he explained that the LORD gives confirmation through Scripture and other people. He and others would pray about something and then God opens doors to whatever we feel is humanly impossible.

A friend of his called and told him that he had a very detailed dream that he would have a plane ticket from Cuba to the United States so he can collect medicine. Of course, they did not know how because are travel restrictions and Cubans have a waiting list to purchase flights out of the country. Let me be clear that the entire country is poor; there are very few jobs and they do not get paid much. The average salary for a physician is roughly $40 to $50 a month.

One day, some agency called him and said, “Someone released their plane ticket and your name showed up at the top of the list.” So he prayed and took the opportunity to buy it. Now he is here, collecting supplies and medication for his fellow pastors in Cuba. The first 200 pounds were delivered yesterday intact. An oxygen concentrator was included and his son was excited because the hospital he works doesn’t have a medical gas supply. He put it to use and is now treating 2 patients who are critically ill.

These are the stories of faith and miracles that everyone needs to hear about because we have a great God that lives, speaks, and moves among his people. And as I further reflect on them, I remain in awe and I am inspired to walk in the same manner as our Cuban brothers and sisters in Christ. They truly live a moment-by-moment faith.

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