God Remains Constant in the Midst of Chaos

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. (Psalm 19:7 ESV)

God’s law is what nourishes our souls. It is perfect and perfectly administered without any loopholes or uncertainties. What he says remains true and unchanged, providing us a reliable constant: Himself. His testimonies declare his authority as God, and his power is revealed in all that was created. His miracles reinforce our faith in him because we know that he is capable of anything. His character is expressed in his dealings with us, showing patience, compassion, and love. His wrath is stirred by evil because it interferes with our relationship with him and causes a lot of harm.

Whenever we feel that we are caught in a spiritual battle, our minds are stricken with anxiety, fear, or sadness. To counter that, we must read and listen to his word because it provides comfort and relief. At first, it may not feel like his Spirit is speaking to us. In fact, it may not even feel like anything at all because we are still consumed with a bunch of negative thoughts and emotions, many of which may be the whispers from Satan and not you.

The devil likes to use a lot of noise to distract us from our Bible and prayers. He wants to pull our attention away from God so that our faith weakens over time. And if he sees that we are under Divine protection, then he resorts to displaying the effects of his destructive schemes so that it distresses you. Crime grows rampant, oppression becomes prevalent, and illnesses no longer respond to treatments. People become more impatient, angry, and volatile, and you are trying to hold on to Jesus’s hand as you watch these events unfold.

When we see that there is a lot going wrong, we need to understand that God is the only answer. Brokenness is what drives our desire for comfort, relief, and resolution. When he says he will redeem us, we need to believe it. When he promises to restore everything, we must remain hopeful. And when Jesus grants us forgiveness and eternal life, our faith cannot be shaken because he is our constant and sure foundation. His Spirit lives in us and our dependency on him is what guards our hearts and minds. His law is perfect and his testimony provides wisdom in this chaotic world. Let us persevere in our long suffering, fixing our eyes on Jesus. He will return one day and we will be there with him!