The Migrant Journey of Faith

O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill? (Psalm 15:1 ESV)

Yesterday, I was watching a political rally and the speaker was going through a list of problems that need to be fixed. People applauded and cheered in agreement because they believe things are getting worse instead of better. When the topic of immigration and border crisis came up, the crowd chanted, “Build that wall! Build that wall!” There was a sense that they want to keep desperate people out so they do not illegally consume the country’s limited resources.

There are many reasons why immigrants want to enter our lands. There are laws that protect people, not oppress them. There are opportunities to get an education and make a better life for themselves. They crave financial stability and freedom from religious persecution. This isn’t the only country that provides these benefits, but somehow there is an idea that it offers the best chances of a prosperous future. Whether that is true or not, I will leave that up to the people who make it their business or passion to debate matters like this.

The reason I say that is because there is a much better place where the resources are plentiful and never depleted. It is a holy kingdom whose ruler is the wisest and most powerful being. God Almighty is his name and his ways are perfect and his words are always true. He is not fickle nor is he swayed with bribery. He is consistent, unchanging, and everlasting. He is compassionate and relational to those who love him, and he is wrathful to the wicked who only perpetuate evil.

On this earth, we have the privilege of sojourning under the Lord’s tent. The idea is that he shelters us under his protective covering so that we are not beaten down by the harsh elements of this world. In his tent we can rest and be restored by him. We are free to take refuge in him and receive his counsel on the burdens that are bothering us. When we are are downcast, he comforts us with morsels of words feeding our souls and assuring us that he is always nearby.

To stand on his holy hill is a metaphor. It is where God will bring our landscape into focus, revealing the beauty of his creation and how he intends to restore it. It is a heightened perspective, the ability to see him intervene and recognize his work, a right only given to the saints who live and abide by him. Their hearts and motives are pure because they desire righteousness, and they take pleasure in participating in the work that the Lord has invited them into.

God’s tent and his holy hill are the best places to be on this earth. The saints who set their hearts on these destinations are on a migrant journey chasing after the kingdom of heaven with hopeful hearts. Over time they soon discover that they no longer have to run, but can simply walk and know that they are welcomed with grace and open arms. The peace and prosperity that Jesus offers are incomparable because the world cannot match the quality of these divine gifts. Blessed are the people who have found God’s tent and continue to live under it. Their joy is evident in their countenance, and their love is generously shared in a world that needs it.

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