Joined With the Spirit of God

But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. (1 Corinthians 6:17 ESV)

Once we are joined with the Lord, we are sealed by his Spirit forever. There is nothing that can separate us from him, even if we tried to sever ties ourselves. While he may grieve our disobedience, he will never stop loving us or withhold his forgiveness.

Jesus knows that we are helpless without him, and he understands how foolish and irrational we can be. So he will find a way to bring us back to our senses, even if it means allowing us to live lost in the wilderness for a while. Eventually, we become spiritually parched, empty, and maybe even exhausted to the point of death. Do you ever think that sometimes the only way he will get our attention is when we completely wear ourselves out and look up?

Thank God that he never lets go of our hands. When we are joined with him, something inside us shifts. Our soul is stirred because his Spirit keeps inviting us to accompany him. At first you start with prayer. Then you begin to agree with that you need a change. And when you see some improvement and a sliver of hope, you thirst for more of that living water that only Jesus provides (John 7:37-39). Just allow yourself to be flooded by the Holy Spirit and know that joy will come in the morning.

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