God is Our Refuge

God is our refuge and strength , a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…(Psalm 46:1-2 ESV)

Working through turbulent times can wear down our soul. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and fatigued because the same problems just keep surfacing? No matter how hard you try to solve them, they just keep hanging around. Tension headaches ensue and you might find yourself getting irritable and jaded.

Where can we find hope when all seems hopeless? How can we crawl out of bed and feel excited again? To sulk and complain is okay once in a while, but we don’t want to make that a daily habit. Otherwise we get bitter instead of better. To shift our moods, we have to start small and gain a few victories. For some of us, that may be taking a shower and getting dressed for the day. For others, it’s dividing up our challenges into smaller, achievable goals and learning to be satisfied with not getting everything done.

Whatever it may be, we must always remember that God is still with us. He is our fortress whom we run to for shelter and protection. He is our safe place where we can let our guard down and plead for his help. He is compassionate and loving, and will always act in our best interests.

But sometimes we lose sight of God because our issues that cast a glare in our faces. Whenever that happens, we need to take heart and remember that he is always with us. He is immovable and is always ready to hear is out and address our needs.

I am thankful Father that you are with me at all times. You are indeed my refuge and strength, especially when I face a bunch of troubles. I do not know what lies ahead of me, but I will remain confident as long as you remain with me. Please give me strength and wisdom for today. Help me see and hear the needs of my immediate surroundings so I can attempt to meet them. Please also help me make wise decisions today and to act with love, integrity, patience, and self-control. I will not fear challenges, but will face them with courage because you hold my hand and walk with me. Amen.

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