When Spiritual Drift Becomes an Act of Contention

Why do you contend with me? You have all transgressed against me, declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 2:29 ESV)

There is a tendency within human nature to drift away from the Lord, especially after he delivers us from a crisis. The nation of Israel was led out of Egypt by Moses and God sustained them in the desert with water and food so they would not be famished. He visibly guided them with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. All was going well for them because they were free from burdens of slavery, and they had the Lord’s protective covering over them. But as soon as their troubles were far behind them, they started to complain, forgetting everything that God has done for them, including parting the Red Sea to liberate them.

I am learning to be cautious with my walk whenever the Lord answers my prayers or delivers me from a crisis. When adversity is tamed for the moment, the fervency of my prayers tends to lighten up. Perhaps it is because I feel relieved and just want to live in that peaceful bubble for a while. However, when all is going well, that is when I need to pray most, because the devil will use that as an opportunity to pick me off the path of righteousness. His billboards of temptations will pop up everywhere and lure me towards other desires and priorities. Whatever seems harmless may potentially become a harmful form of idolatry. To take God for granted would be heartbreaking for him; ignoring him would be an act of contention.

“Why do you contend with me?” (Jeremiah 2:29). Or in other words, “What did I do to deserve this type of treatment from you?”

We forget that our Father has feelings and that he values having a relationship with us. So when we drift away into sin, he gets upset because we stopped listening to him. If we tallied up all the blessings he has given us, we would realize that he does not owe us anything, but we owe him everything.

May I continue to walk with every ounce of devotion and diligence within me so that I never forget the goodness of God. And may I treasure his love more and more each day.

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