The Pleasure of His Company

Your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart. (Psalm 119:111 ESV)

We are drawn to kindred spirits, people who share the same interests and ideas. They validate us and make us feel safe and happy, which are the essential elements of a healthy friendship. Good friends want to know the latest news about you. They listen with interest and sometimes offer sound advice because they care. We are excited when we see them, and we look forward to our next visit when they depart way for a short while. 

Can you imagine visiting Jesus as a live person today? I know he is alive, but what if we were able to physically visit with him right now? What would you say, and how would you react when you first meet him? I know that my heart would race with excitement. I might even break into tears and be overwhelmed with emotion in just the first few minutes of our interaction. 

I am certain that we would have so much to say to each other, with our conversations being rich with insight, empathy, love, and laughter. I don’t think I would ever want to end my visit with him. We can have this level of intimacy today if we want. He left enough of his words in print to sustain us until it’s time to leave this earth and be with him. We can read Scripture like letters, over and over again, where each sitting becomes a routine visit with him. How we respond to his lessons are great conversation starters because there is much more to learn on how they apply to us today.

What is written in the Bible are his testimonies. They are our heritage passed on from previous generations of born-again disciples, and their purpose is to teach us how to have a close relationship with God. Joy and encouragement can be found in nearly everything he says because he clearly defines what is right from wrong, and he outlines the blessings associated with keeping his laws. We are also fortunate that he is a God of grace and forgiveness, moving us to have a secure hope in him. He is able to do anything and everything to make us right with him. And for that reason, I am committed to remain under the umbrella of his guidance because nothing else in this world makes sense like he does.

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