One Day Closer to Heaven

For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. (Isaiah 55:12 ESV)

I am thankful for road signs and navigation systems because they give me my current location and tell me how much farther I must drive. The dashboard computer somehow calculates the remaining drive time and redirects me to another route when I get lost. The anticipation of reaching my destination grows with every mile that passes because I can’t wait to get out of my car whenever I travel long distances.

I hate traffic because the risk of getting into a car accident increases with a freeway cluttered with good and bad drivers. My eyes are intensely focused on the road and my hands tightly grip the steering wheel, ready to maneuver away from any road hazards. When there is less traffic, I am more relaxed because I don’t see many risks. The freeway is clear and it just feels more safe.

The Bible in many ways serves as our navigation system. I’ve heard many people describe it as the instruction manual for life. However, it is only useful if you interpret it correctly and actually believe and follow what it says. The printed Scriptures are the words of God that outline moral hazards and give instructions on how to steer away from them. They also point us towards our final destination, which is to be with Jesus in Heaven.

Every day we must make a habit of checking our location, that being our spiritual state and well-being. Do we need to stop and refuel on the Lord’s precepts? Do we need to take another route that is better for us? Do we need to unload any unnecessary baggage to make our payload lighter and easier to haul? Who should we invite to help us along this journey? Whatever we do, we must take these adjustments seriously and be patient with our progress. The blessing with living this way is that we are being guided by God; and every morning when we awake, we are reassured that we are one day closer to Heaven. We find more joy and peace in our journey, and we are able to enjoy the scenery where the hills “break forth in singing” and the trees “clap their hands.” May your travels be filled with God’s grace and wisdom. We are almost there.

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