The gallery of God everywhere

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. (Romans‬ 1:20 ‭‭ESV‬‬)

The attributes of God are visible all around us.  For example, a small fraction of his power is demonstrated in the sun which provides heat and light to help sustain life on our planet.  It’s mass is about 330,000 times larger than Earth and its surface temperature is estimated at 9,941 degrees Fahrenheit.  And to know that there are billions of stars out there leaves me amazingly awestruck!  The Lord is also organized. If you look at just the leaves on a tree, each one has a similar but unique structure and its own place on a branch. They collectively display a natural and colorful beauty while providing shade to any creature that wishes to enjoy it.  The Lord is also detail oriented.  Scientists have been studying DNA for years and have just learned the genetic code that can be extracted from such a tiny molecule.  How can something that small contain all the instructions to make one human being?  

The list of God’s qualities would go on forever if we were to keep dissecting and analyzing creation down to the molecular level.  The atom, a basic building block of matter is actually quite complex when we study its components and how they react to other atoms to make up all that we are able to see.  We have been given so many displays of God, yet we get distracted and often take them for granted.  The Creator’s hand is everywhere and I cannot help but wonder how a God that powerful and majestic keeps track of 7 billion people, their names, relatives, and every detail of their lives.  

The next time you walk outside, think about what’s keeping you alive.  What tells your heart to keep beating and your lungs to keep breathing?  How is it that I can balance myself on two legs and walk forward, backwards, and even sideways?   What set this planet into motion and keeps it in orbit, at a perfect distance from the sun so that we don’t freeze or burn?  It’s just mind boggling if we honestly ponder how all this got started.  Many say science can explain nearly everything.  That may be true, but I also believe our scientific discoveries direct us back to God.  The entire universe is a miracle and we are all proof of his existence, living in the great gallery of his presence.    

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