God will help you stand firm in your faith

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. (Psalm 55:22 ESV)

This simplicity of this instruction only requires us to apply a tiny amount of faith. When we share our problems with the Lord, two things occur in prayer that pleases him:

1. You acknowledge his name and submit to his authority as God.

2. You place your trust in him to act on your behalf and to care for your needs.

By placing your faith in Jesus, you have been deemed righteous because he represents you whenever you pray. When God hears your prayer, he hears Jesus and listens to whatever is bothering you. He will carry you through your troubles and he will act in your best interest.

I learned that he answers prayers with either a yes, no, or not yet. There will be occasions when God will provide an immediate answer, and other times when he doesn’t. Our response is to continue the conversation with him, to tap into his wisdom to see his points of view. Will he say, “That is not good for you?” Or will he advise you to “learn and grow just a little more” so that you are prepared to handle the blessing?

As long as we stay connected with God through daily prayer, he will continue to sustain and build us up through his love, wisdom, and encouragement. Having a relationship with the One True Living God is a big deal because He is the One that supplies all of our necessities: food, shelter, work, medicine, protection, and so much more.

Have faith and trust in him; your reward will come when you least expect it because it is dependent on his timing not yours. Your faith and your life will not wither because he will provide you with an answer and satisfy your desire to feels his presence.

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