David’s Greatest Joy

You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. (Psalm 4:7 ESV)

Joy is an emotional state of well-being where a person expresses delight or satisfaction over something of value. Synonyms found in an English dictionary include: beatitude, blessedness, blissfulness, gladness, and happiness. What are the things that elicit joy from the depths of our hearts? For some people, it may be the love they receive from their spouse or children. For others, it may be finishing a project or working to accomplish a lifelong dream. Many people feel joyful when they receive a surprising gift that just blesses their socks off.

I believe joy can be found in whatever you place value on because you appreciate the sentimental meanings behind it, where cherished memories are created and later replayed in your mind.  During these moments of reflection, joy overflows from within that you can’t help but smile or even laugh. I wonder what King David experienced that moved him to write, “You have put more joy in my heart.”   What inspired him to honor the LORD with those very words?  

  • Was it an answered prayer?
  • Was it a list of blessings that he recounted?
  • Perhaps he received a touch of hope or comfort from God when he needed it most?
  • Did he see the character of God through other people?

Whatever the experiences, he acknowledged the LORD’s involvement in all them and gave him credit.  An observation that is easily overlooked is the longstanding and interactive relationship he has with God.  All of his psalms are evidence of his devotion, and the words that he composed fall nothing short of worship and reverence. I believe David understood this at a very young age. In fact, he had a daring faith in the LORD because he was described as a “youth” willing to battle a giant who “has been a man of war from his youth” (1 Samuel 17:33).  As history records it, David defeated Goliath.  

In his prayers, it must have been revealed to him the grace and mercies that would follow him because God loved him.  Forgiveness, relief, and the promises of a better future are probably the recurring themes of joy he encountered during his journey.  I am not sure if David saw glimpses of Heaven in his communion with God, but perhaps he fancied all the blessings he received as sneak previews of eternal life and its imperishable treasures.  His divine conversations coupled with those heavenly reflections are probably what brought him the most joy.

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